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The Two Kinds of Spirits (Gods) Seen in the Bible and Those Born of Their Seeds

The Two Kinds of Spirits (Gods) Seen in the Bible and Those Born of Their Seeds

As ​​seen ​in ​the ​Bible, ​there is the spirit ​of God the ​Creator, and there ​is the ​spirit ​of the ​devil, who betrayed. The spirit ​of God has ​the ​power ​of ​​creation, ​and ​the ​spirit ​of the devil has ​the power of ​persecution and ridicule. ​These two ​spirits ​(gods) have ​been fighting for approximately 6,000 ​years with their ​powers ​and ​might. ​​This ​has ​come ​to ​be known by seeing ​each era in ​Biblical history. However, ​the devil ​of ​the world ​has not yet been brought ​to an end. ​Hence, ​the ​authority ​​of ​death ​has ​been ​reigning in the world ​until now. ​

The war in ​Revelation is ​the ​last war ​between God and the devil. ​Who will win ​in ​this ​war? ​​Both ​God ​and ​the ​devil are fighting desperately ​through people. This ​war is not ​a physical ​war, ​but it ​is a spiritual war, and ​it is a ​war ​of ​word ​​of ​testimony. ​The ​number ​of the people who ​belong to the ​devil is ten ​million times ​more ​than the ​number of the people who ​belong to God. ​There ​are ​many ​​people ​who ​belong ​to ​the devil even among ​those who say ​that they believe ​in God. ​In ​the war ​against the devil at the ​time of Jesus’ ​first ​coming, ​those ​​who ​belonged ​to ​God ​were just the one ​man Jesus at ​first, but later ​Jesus made ​fishermen, ​etc. into ​12 disciples. This small number ​fought against the ​many ​on ​the ​​devil’s ​side. ​Today, ​there ​are more than thousands, ​tens of thousands ​of people in ​each country ​who ​say that ​they believe in Jesus. However, ​there are actually ​only ​a ​few ​​among ​them ​who ​believe ​100%.

Today, Jesus, who came ​in a spiritual ​body, tried to ​restore God’s ​kingdom ​by appointing ​seven messengers, but the seven ​messengers of the ​church ​of ​the ​​seven ​golden ​lampstands ​in ​Rv 2-3 (the heaven ​tabernacle in Rv ​13) were deceived ​by the ​devil’s ​pastors (the ​Nicolaitans) and became sinners due ​to receiving and ​eating ​food ​sacrificed ​​to ​idols ​and ​keeping ​the teaching of idols. ​Additionally, the saints ​of the heaven ​tabernacle in ​Rv ​13 also ​believed the words of the ​devil’s beast with ​seven ​heads ​and ​​ten ​horns, ​and ​they ​betrayed by receiving the ​mark of the ​beast on their ​foreheads and ​hands ​and worshipping ​the devil. At this time, ​Jesus of the ​second ​coming ​sent ​​them ​letters ​calling ​for ​repentance through the messenger ​who speaks on ​his behalf (Rv ​2-3), but ​because ​they did ​not repent, in Rv 6 ​he carried out ​the ​judgment ​on ​​the ​chosen ​people ​who ​sinned. What would have ​been the position ​of Jesus and ​his chosen ​advocate ​at this ​time? Also, what would God’s ​heart have been ​like? ​As ​seen ​​in ​the ​content ​of ​the letters Jesus sent ​(Rv 2-3), he ​promised around seven ​times that ​he ​would give ​blessings if one fought and ​overcame the enemy. ​This ​was ​the ​​reality ​of ​the ​beginning ​of the fulfillment of ​Revelation’s prophecies.

There ​is no salvation ​without war, ​without ​victory. The ​one who overcomes was born ​in Rv 12, ​and ​from ​this ​​time ​on, ​God’s ​kingdom ​and salvation came to ​be.

The 12 tribes ​of Physical Israel ​in the ​Old ​Testament have ​been seen, and the prophecies ​of the four ​gospels ​and ​Revelation ​​have ​been ​seen. ​The ​objective of the prophecies ​in Revelation is ​to create the ​12 tribes ​born ​of God’s ​seed. Then, when those sealed ​of the 12 ​tribes ​appeared ​according ​​to ​Jesus’ ​promise, ​would ​this world’s believers see ​and believe this? ​Would they see ​and believe ​the ​fulfillment of ​all of Revelation’s prophecies? Why ​do you not ​measure ​yourself?

Whether ​at ​​the ​time ​of ​the ​first coming or the ​time of the ​second coming, those ​ignorant of ​the ​Bible did ​not believe in the truth ​because they were ​held ​captive ​by ​​their ​own ​greed ​and ​thoughts. They did not ​believe in the ​144,000 of the ​12 tribes, ​which ​is God’s ​organization. Why? It is because ​they did not ​know ​the ​true ​​meanings ​of ​the ​recorded ​prophecies. This was because ​they were ignorant ​of the Bible. ​However, God ​fulfilled ​according to ​the New Covenant Revelation. Yet, ​people did not ​believe ​this. ​The ​​result ​of ​those ​who ​did not believe is ​hell. However, God ​fulfilled according to ​Revelation, and ​he ​established the ​12 tribes by sealing with ​the word of ​God. ​Now, ​only ​​the ​judgment ​of ​the ​devil’s kingdom Babylon, the ​marriage of spirit ​and flesh, and ​the first ​resurrection ​remain.

Those ​who have added to and ​subtracted from the ​New ​Covenant ​Revelation ​​will ​go ​to ​hell ​because they do not ​know its meaning, ​but the 12 ​tribes of ​Shincheonji, ​which have ​understood and mastered its meaning, ​will go to ​the ​kingdom ​of ​​heaven. ​People ​are ​divided ​between those who go ​to the kingdom ​of heaven or ​hell because ​of ​the existence ​of God’s pastor and the ​devil’s pastor. What ​believers ​must ​know ​​today ​is ​the ​fact ​that all those who ​have added to ​and subtracted from ​Revelation go ​to ​hell. Shincheonji ​has been born of God’s ​seed, harvested, and ​sealed, ​and ​it ​​has ​mastered ​Revelation. ​Hence, ​God and the kingdom ​of heaven come ​to this place. ​Amen.

Even if ​[we] ​said, “Shincheonji ​overcame,” the pastors of the ​Protestant Church and ​their ​congregation ​members ​​did ​not ​know ​the ​meaning of these words. ​They have not ​even verified them. ​They were ​the ​dead. God ​promised the new covenant for ​the creation of ​the ​12 ​tribes ​​in ​the ​New ​Covenant ​Revelation, and He fulfilled ​it today. Yet, ​why do the ​believers around ​the ​world not ​believe this? It is because ​of ignorance in ​the ​Bible.


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