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[Regarding Chairman’s Sentencing from the First Trial]

 [Regarding Chairman’s Sentencing from the First Trial] We welcome the court’s decision that found Chairman Lee innocent of the charge regarding the Infectious Disease Control and Prevention Act. However, we find the court’s decision that acknowledged criminality in other charges, including embezzlement, deeply regrettable and disappointing. For the charges that have not been ruled innocent, we plan to actively prove his innocence through the appeals process, and stand trial before a court of law once again. On a separate note, we promise to continue in our effort to end the COVID-19 pandemic, and diligently serve as light and salt of the world. Lastly, we apologize to the citizens of this nation for causing worries and concerns regarding this matter.   13 January 2021 The General Assembly Headquarters Shincheonji Church of Jesus
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Shincheonji Church of Jesus hosted an Online Prayer Meeting for an End to COVID-19

Shincheonji Church of Jesus hosted an Online Prayer Meeting for All Congregation Members for an End to COVID-19 on September 2nd (Wed) at the Wednesday Service. The prayer meeting was held to encourage the government, KCDC (Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), and medical staff who have been suffering from extreme fatigue due to the sharp incline of COVID-19 infection and the resulting economic and social crises among citizens.  At the prayer meeting, more than 200,000 congregation members of Shincheonji Church of Jesus prayed wholeheartedly for  △ A global end to COVID-19  △ The government, KCDC, and medical staff  △ Infected patients and people who have lost loved ones to COVID-19  △ People throughout the world who are in distress because of COVID-19  △ Completion of treatment for COVID-19  △ A call for repentance and forgiveness for the deliberate and undeliberate sin caused by congregation members and others. Compassion, love, and unity among people are desperately ne

Wise Question 1. How can you prove God’s existence? How can you prove God’s existence?

Wise Question 1.  How can you prove God’s existence?  Why doesn’t God clearly reveal himself? Seeing oneself is evidence of God’s existence.  God does not reveal himself to people because God and men have become enemies. There are two kinds of gods or spirits:  God the creator, who is life, and an evil spirit, who is a created being. Each kind of god has a ‘parent-god’ and a ‘child-god’. The god who exists within a person is the ‘child-god’. A person (body) is like the house for a god. A god is a spirit and the soul is life. Even if the god leaves, a person is still able to breathe and live because he has a soul. However, when both the god and the soul leave, that person dies. However, even when the body dies, the spirit is still alive. We cannot know God if we do not know about religion. Man (Adam), who was created and the ‘child-god’ of the Creator (Acts 17:29), became a living spirit after receiving the breath of life (Gn 2).  However, as a result of receiving the evil spirit of the

Introduction of 24 wise questions and wise answer

24 wise questions posed by Chairman Byoungchul Lee, founder of Samsung, answered with 24 pearls of wisdom by Chairman Manhee Lee  Korea JoongAng Daily published an article on December 17, 2011, which listed a series of questions the late founder of Samsung Group, Byeongcheol Lee, asked about religion. The bold-print, front-page article has since drawn much attention within Korea because Mr. Lee had sent his 24 questions concerning religion to a catholic priest one month before his death. The world is now paying close attention, not only because these questions were asked by one of the world’s leading businessmen, but also because no one has been able to properly answer them within the last twenty-four years. The following article provides clear and definitive answers to Lee’s 24 questions about religion. 33 years have passed since these questions were asked, but the answers are finally being proclaimed to the public. Now people throughout the world can finally find the truth they have

0307 Chairman Man Hee Lee asks "all congregants to fully cooperate for disease control" in a special announcement

Chairman Man Hee Lee asks "all congregants to fully cooperate for disease control" in a special announcement “No Screening, No Service even after Church Goes Back to Normal”: Strongest Measure Taken Chairman Man Hee Lee of Shincheonji Church of Jesus, the Temple of the Tabernacle of the Testimony (Shincheonji Church of Jesus) once again appealed to the church members asking every congregant to cooperate with quarantine efforts in a special announcement made on 7 March. According to the formal notice, the church told its congregation members: anyone who develops symptoms related to COVID-19 must be tested those whose occupations are in medicine, nursing homes, and public facilities must be tested regardless of presenting symptoms, and all other church members with no signs of symptoms are also strongly encouraged to screen for the virus Notably, the announcement included one of the most rigorous measures, which a religious group can take in cooperation with di

0302 Statement at Press Conference of Shincheonji Church of Jesus Regarding COVID-19

Statement at Press Conference of Shincheonji Church of Jesus Regarding COVID-19 (English, Spanish , French , Russian , German , Rumanian , Chinese , Vietnamese and Indonesian are available to read below.) Ladies and gentlemen of the media, I apologize. I hoped to meet all of you at a better location, but the place has been changed abruptly. I am truly sorry. I do not know how to apologize enough. And yet the press conference has commenced to extend my words of apology to all citizens. In regards to the 31st patient confirmed to have COVID-19, I sincerely apologize as the chairman of Shincheonji. It was not intentional, but many confirmed cases have occurred. We made our utmost efforts, but we could not prevent them all. We express an apology to all citizens.  The government authorities have made their best efforts to contain the spread of COVID-19 in the Daegu Church of Shincheonji. We are also cooperating to the fullest extent. We will spare no personnel and material suppo

0301 Letter of Appeal to Political Leaders

Letter of Appeal to Political Leaders (English, Spanish , French , German and Japanese are available to read below.) We have an earnest request to political leaders including the members of the ruling and opposition parties, and the heads of local governments.  Shincheonji Church of Jesus has submitted the list of entire congregation home and abroad as well as that of students in accordance with the request of the public health authorities. Currently, the staff of Shincheonji is working hand in hand with each public health center to conduct a complete enumeration survey on all the members via phone calls. However, some local governments are speaking of filing lawsuits against Shincheonji claiming there are issues related to the lists.  The alleged charges include cases where the list of Shincheonji congregation, which the Korea Center for Disease Control and Prevention (KCDC) gave to local governments, omitted information on minors from the list; the time lapse between the