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What Kind of Book is the Book of Revelation?

[Shincheonji Church] What Kind of Book is the Book of Revelation?

The ​​book ​of ​Revelation ​is ​the book that God ​had been holding ​after sealing it ​with seven ​seals. ​Hence, although ​it has been approximately 2,000 ​years or so ​since ​this ​book ​​had ​been ​recorded, ​there ​has been no one ​in heaven and ​earth who knew ​the meaning ​of ​this book ​(Rv 5:1-3). Are these words ​not facts?

It says ​that ​if ​one ​​adds ​to ​or ​subtracts ​from what has been ​written in this ​book, Revelation, then ​he cannot ​enter ​the kingdom ​of heaven but will receive ​curses (plagues) (Rv ​22:18-19). ​Then, ​even ​​if ​one ​is ​a ​Christian, anyone who does ​not know the ​meaning of this ​book cannot ​enter ​the kingdom ​of heaven. However, Christians think ​that they will ​enter ​the ​kingdom ​​of ​heaven ​if ​they ​just believe in Jesus, ​and they are ​carrying out blind ​lives of ​faith. ​Aren’t these ​words also facts?

Today, after ​approximately 2,000 years ​have ​passed ​since ​​Revelation ​had ​been ​recorded, ​Jesus received the book ​sealed with seven ​seals from God ​(Rv 5:7), ​removed ​the seals, ​opened [the book], and fulfilled ​the prophecies recorded ​in ​the ​book. ​​Just ​as ​Jesus ​received ​and ate the opened ​book like in ​Ez 3 and ​preached the ​fulfillment ​of the ​Old Testament to the people ​of Israel at ​the ​time ​of ​​the ​first ​coming ​(Jn ​19:30, Mt 15:24), today, ​which is the ​time of Revelation’s ​fulfillment and ​the ​time of ​the second coming, there is ​someone who sees ​and ​preaches ​all ​​of ​what ​Jesus ​fulfilled ​of the New Covenant ​Revelation. Yet, why ​do you not ​listen to ​or ​believe his ​testimony?

At both the time of ​the first coming ​and ​the ​time ​​of ​the ​second ​coming, ​believers carry out lives ​of faith in ​order to enter ​the kingdom ​of ​heaven. However, ​pastors and their congregation members ​who say that ​they ​believe ​in ​​God ​persecuted ​the ​one ​who preached the truth ​(the revealed word) ​at both the ​time of ​Jesus’ ​first coming ​and the time of his ​second coming. How ​do ​they ​persecute ​​so ​well, ​when ​they ​do not know either ​the Bible or ​Revelation? This is ​because the ​devil ​god, who ​is God’s enemy, entered and ​works in them. ​Even ​more ​so, ​​because ​the ​time ​of ​Revelation’s fulfillment is the ​time when the ​devil, that is, ​the dragon, ​comes ​to an ​end, he would be evil ​more vicious. Do ​you ​not ​know ​​despite ​seeing ​[this]?

I ​ask ​each pastor and their ​congregation members. Do ​you master the ​New Covenant ​Revelation? ​Have you ​acted according to the meaning ​recorded in Revelation? ​Answer. ​Why ​do ​​you ​not ​accept ​taking ​a 100-question test on ​Revelation? Shincheonji fought ​and overcame the ​dragon’s group ​with ​Jesus’ blood ​and the word of testimony ​(Rv 12). Who ​is ​true ​and ​​who ​is ​fake?

Those ​who ​do not know God’s ​will, that is, ​the truth (the ​New Covenant ​Revelation), ​would leave ​Shincheonji. However, there has not ​been a single ​saint ​who ​has ​​said, ​“I ​am ​leaving ​because Shincheonji is false.” ​Verify [this].

Today, ​Jesus received and ​opened the ​book ​sealed with ​seven seals, fulfilled the book’s ​prophecies, fed the ​opened ​book ​in ​​Rv ​10 ​to ​the ​one who saw at ​his side what ​he had fulfilled, ​and told ​him ​to go ​and testify it to the ​churches. Yet, why ​do ​you ​again ​​not ​believe ​the ​words ​of this book, Jesus, ​or the messenger ​sent to the ​churches? If, ​by ​chance, there ​is anything the messenger who ​has been sent ​testified ​incorrectly, ​then ​​one ​will ​need ​to ​point it out with ​the words of ​the Bible.

Pastors ​of the ​Protestant ​Church in ​Korea, why do you persecute ​unconnectedly? As seen ​in ​Revelation, ​there ​​is ​a ​time ​of ​judgment, there is a ​time when the ​first heaven and ​first earth ​pass ​away, and ​there is also a time ​when a new ​heaven ​and ​new ​​earth ​(Shincheonji) ​are ​created. ​Shincheonji Church of Jesus, ​the Temple of ​the Tabernacle of ​the Testimony ​has ​been created ​according to Revelation. Verify [this]. ​

As written, it ​says ​that ​the ​​first ​heaven ​and ​first ​earth pass away, the ​subjects of the ​kingdom are thrown ​outside into ​the ​darkness, and ​those who have been harvested ​from the east ​and ​west ​take ​​their ​places ​(sit) ​in ​the kingdom of heaven ​(Mt 8:11-12). Do ​you believe these ​words?

Nowhere in ​the ​Old and ​New Testaments of the Bible ​does it say, ​“It ​is ​alright ​​even ​if ​one ​does ​not know the Bible, ​and he enters ​the kingdom of ​heaven as ​long ​as he ​is good at persecuting.” What ​would you answer ​at ​the ​time ​​of ​judgment? ​Shincheonji ​is ​the place that testifies ​the New Covenant ​Revelation, and it ​is the ​place ​that corrects ​false testimony with true testimony. ​The saints around ​the ​world ​are ​​gathering ​like ​clouds ​after ​hearing that the true ​word of testimony ​(the revealed word) ​is in ​Shincheonji. ​However, the ​Protestant Church does not have ​the revealed word. ​Moreover, ​they ​have ​​added ​to ​and ​subtracted ​from all of Revelation. ​This is what ​the pastors and ​saints of ​the ​Protestant Church ​said. If the pastors first ​come to Shincheonji ​and ​learn ​the ​​word ​and ​then ​go ​back and teach their ​saints, then the ​saints would not ​go to ​other ​churches (denominations, ​religious bodies). The saints go ​to other churches ​in ​order ​to ​​know ​the ​New ​Covenant ​Revelation (the meaning of ​its prophecies and ​its fulfilled realities).

Shincheonji ​overflows with ​saints ​due to ​its rapid growth. They are ​gathering like clouds. ​We ​will ​do ​​another ​100,000 ​graduation ​this ​year, too. Listen to ​what Pastor Jeon, ​the former president ​of the ​Christian ​Counsel of ​Korea (the CCK), said. Who ​would be attached ​to ​that ​place? ​​Despite ​this, ​is ​the ​CCK orthodoxy and Shincheonji ​a cult, even ​though it speaks ​the truth? ​This ​is the ​devil’s calculation method.

Let us know ​and believe in ​the ​truth. ​I ​​mean, ​the ​actual ​truth. ​Life is inside the ​truth (Jn 1:4), ​but poison that ​kills people’s ​spirits ​is inside ​falsehood. Thus, one must be ​careful.

The book of ​Revelation ​is ​a ​​book ​of ​prophecy ​about ​re-creation, and today, Revelation ​has been 80-90% ​fulfilled. It says ​that one ​cannot ​enter the ​kingdom of heaven if he ​adds to or ​subtracts ​from ​Revelation. ​​Today, ​if ​one ​intends ​to receive salvation, then ​he must believe ​in and keep ​the revealed ​word ​of Revelation’s ​fulfillment. Amen.


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