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God’s Position and the Saints’ Position

God’s Position and the Saints’ Position

God ​​made ​heaven, ​earth, ​and ​all creation and gave ​this to Adam ​to have him ​rule over ​it. ​However, because ​Adam was deceived by the ​wild serpent (the ​devil, ​Rv ​12:9), ​​listened ​to ​the ​words ​of the wild serpent, ​and betrayed, God ​left this earth, ​which is ​the ​world He ​had created.

The serpent, that is, ​the devil, came ​to ​rule ​over ​​this ​God-less ​world. ​God, ​who left the world, ​has been working ​for 6,000 years ​to regain ​the ​world He ​lost. However, although the people ​of the world, ​whose ​hearts ​have ​​been ​darkened ​due ​to ​sin, said with their ​lips that they ​believe in God, ​their actions ​did ​not follow. ​In Jn 1, it says, ​“The light shone ​in ​the ​darkness, ​​but ​the ​darkness ​does ​not know it.” This ​is the position ​of God and ​man.

The last ​war ​between God ​and the devil is prophesied ​in the book ​of ​Revelation. ​God ​​and ​the ​devil—if ​one ​of these two disappears, ​then this spiritual ​war will come ​to an ​end. ​Also, it ​says that if one adds ​to or subtracts ​from ​Revelation, ​then ​​he ​cannot ​enter ​the ​kingdom of heaven but ​will recieve curses ​(plagues). Despite this, ​there has ​not ​been anyone ​in heaven and earth who ​knew the true ​meaning ​of ​this ​​Revelation.

However, ​today, ​after ​approximately ​2,000 years have passed ​since Revelation was ​written, God gave ​the book ​that ​He was ​holding after sealing it with ​seven seals to ​Jesus, ​and ​Jesus ​​removed ​all ​of ​the ​sealed book’s seals one ​by one and ​fulfilled all of ​the recorded ​prophecies ​one by ​one. There is a man ​at this time ​who ​saw ​and ​​heard ​at ​[Jesus’] ​side ​everything Jesus fulfilled from ​Rv 1-22. Jesus ​sent this man ​to the ​churches ​and told ​him to testify what he ​saw and heard ​(Rv ​22:8, ​16). ​​Today, ​both ​the ​pastors ​and the saints around ​the world must ​receive the testimony ​from this ​man ​to be ​able to know both the ​true meaning of ​Revelation ​and ​its ​​fulfilled ​actual ​entities. ​At ​this time, those who ​listen to and ​believe this testimony ​are those ​who ​believe and ​act on the words of ​Jn 14:29, as ​well ​as ​those ​​who ​carry ​out ​the ​new covenant made in ​Jesus’ blood. Will ​you listen to ​this testimony, ​or ​will you ​not? Will you believe, or ​will you not? ​

At ​the ​time ​​of ​the ​fulfillment ​of ​the prophecies of Revelation, ​one cannot lie ​(give false testimony). ​[This] is ​because ​there are ​the actual entities that have ​appeared by being ​fulfilled ​according ​to ​​prophecy. ​At ​the ​time ​of Revelation’s fulfillment, the ​entities that appeared, ​the re-created 12 ​tribes, and ​the ​devil’s soldiers ​that oppose all appear according ​to prophecy. Jesus ​said ​to ​see ​​and ​believe ​in ​this ​(Jn 14:29). I mean, ​the actual entities ​of the prophecies. ​

The prophecies ​of ​this Revelation ​have been written in parables ​and figurative language, ​and ​therefore ​they ​​cannot ​be ​understood ​with ​the general thoughts of ​men. The reason ​for this is ​because the ​names ​of people, ​the names of places, and ​the organizations, etc. ​in ​Revelation ​are ​​figurative ​comparisons.

There ​is ​no ​place in the world ​that masters Revelation ​other than the ​12 tribes ​of ​Shincheonji Church ​of Jesus, the Temple of ​the Tabernacle of ​the ​Testimony. ​Those ​​who ​do ​not ​know ​Revelation cannot enter the ​kingdom of heaven ​and will be ​cursed. Those ​who ​are to ​enter the kingdom of heaven, ​be obedient to ​the ​words ​of ​​Rv ​22:16. ​ ​

The ​messenger who speaks on ​Jesus’ behalf, that ​is, the promised ​pastor of ​the ​New Testament, ​is the one who saw ​and heard all ​of ​the ​events ​​of ​the ​entire ​book ​of Revelation; the one ​who in Rv ​2-3 sent the ​letters calling ​for ​repentance to ​the seven messengers; the one ​who received and ​ate ​the ​opened ​​book ​in ​Rv ​10; ​the one who in ​Rv 12 fought ​and overcame the ​dragon’s group; ​and ​the one ​who in Rv 22:16 was ​sent to the ​churches. ​Because ​this ​​one ​who ​overcomes ​is ​the one who received ​the promises in ​Rv 2-3, those ​who believe ​in ​God’s word, ​that is, Jesus’ word, and ​its meaning must ​listen ​to ​and ​​believe ​the ​testimony ​of ​this promised pastor and ​belong to the ​12 tribes to ​be able ​to ​enter the ​kingdom of heaven. Amen. Amen. ​“Thank you.”


  1. I want to know about the true meaning and fulfillment of Revelation. I should listen to the testimony from the promised pastor.


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