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Shincheonji Online Seminar Cumulative views exceeds 20,000,000 views!!

Shincheonji Online Seminar,

Cumulative views exceeds 20,000,000 views!!

πŸ“‹ 3,300 MOUs through Seminar with Church, Seminary, Pastors!! (based on June, 2022)

An official of Shincheonji Church of Jesus said, “Recently, there were many people who wanted to understand the true meaning of the parables in the Bible and learn the words in detail by interacting with pastors around the world through YouTube seminars. The book of Revelation is difficult to understand without knowing the parable. So, we are conducting a seminar to inform the true meaning of the parable. And through this special lecture, we have arranged a time to review the core of the book of Revelation once again. I hope it will be a time for everyone to listen and realize.” 

Currently, Shincheonji Church of Jesus is conducting lectures on testimony on the parables of the secrets of heaven and their true meanings which is equivalent to the introductory course, by lecturers of the Zion Christian Mission Center (Free Bible Education Center of Shincheonji Church of Jesus) through the official YouTube channel (YouTube: Shincheonji Church of Jesus, The Temple of the Tabernacle of the Testimony). And lectures are being released in order for not only pastors but also the general public. The lecture on the book of Revelation and testimony on the parables of the secrets of heaven has now exceeded 20 million views.


  1. Shincheonji Church of Jesus’ online seminar series on the Book of Revelation (‘Testimony on Prophecy and Fulfillment of Revelation, God's New Covenant’), aired on YouTube from October-December 2021 in 24 languages, and explained every one of the 22 chapters of Revelation to a viewership of over 6 million in 136 countries, of whom 16,000 were pastors. By the end of the Revelation seminar series, which was taught by the Chairman of Shincheonji and the Shincheonji 12 tribe leaders, 1200 pastors and church leaders in 57 countries signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Shincheonji as an expression of their desire to have this Word of the Bible be taught to their congregations worldwide. A pastor from the United States said of his decision to sign an MOU with Shincheonji, “I want to be able to grow in the word and I want to teach our congregation...and help bring them from death to life. I want to be one with God's kingdom and have open communication."

    Then, to allow viewers of the Revelation seminar to more deeply understand the content in the Bible, lecturers from the Zion Christian Mission Center delivered teachings on over 100 parables, including those spoken by Jesus, in the seminar series, ’Testimony on the Parables of the Secrets of Heaven and Their True Meanings’, which was attended by 70,000 people. Following the seminar, thousands registered for Shincheonji’s intensive 6-8 month Bible course and 2155 pastors, 958 churches and 22 seminaries in 67 countries signed MOUs with Shincheonji. Now, with the completion of the third seminar series, the number of MOUs signed across all three seminar series stand at 3300 and the number of views has exceeded 20 million. A Shincheonji Church official said, “Parables are the key element to understanding the secrets of the kingdom of heaven. The reason we can understand the true meaning of the parables is because the prophecy has been fulfilled.”

    Contrary to the decrease in traditional denominations, over 140,000 people have become one with Shincheonji Church of Jesus after taking the Bible education course at Zion Mission Christian Center since 2019, despite the subsequent COVID-19 pandemic. Zion Christian Mission Center is a Bible education center operated by Shincheonji.

    What Shincheonji Church provides is a free and concise explanation of Jesus' mission in the New Testament. It’s for this reason that Shincheonji has called for many pastors to partner with the Christian church, so they can provide the same education to their congregations and grow. In addition to pastors, the global media has been invited to hear the secrets of Shincheonji’s success and growth even during these turbulent times through four press conferences in the Philippines, North and South America, Europe and Africa. As to the reason for Shincheonji’s growth, Chairman Lee has said, “It is because we do what God has shown and taught us. I have delivered the word of God as it is, and many people were touched by the word which led them to Shincheonji Church of Jesus.”

    Shincheonji will once again host another seminar on July 4th, catered to church leaders and pastors, through its YouTube channel, “66 Books of the Bible, Secrets of Heaven and Testimony of the New Testament Revelation”.

    What a sign of hope in these testing times! All glory to GodπŸ™


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