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[Revelation Online Seminar] Chapter 1, What is the meaning of 'Revelation of Jesus'?

[Revelation Online Seminar] Chapter 1, 
What is the meaning of 'Revelation of Jesus'?

 'The revelation of Jesus Christ', which God gave him to show his servants what must soon take place. He made it known by sending his angel to his servant John,

- Revelation 1:1-

Do you know the meaning of 'Revelation'? It means 啓(Open) and 示(Show) in Chinese characters, which means to 'open and show'. The Book of Revelation, which has been hidden for a long time, is actually a sealed prophecy that has to be 'opened and shown' by Jesus.

Many believers vaguely think that these days are coming to an end. However, Jesus has opened and shown the fulfilled realities of Revelation which Shincheonji Church of Jesus can clearly testify based on Revelation itself.

Monday October 18th, 10:00 AM (GMT +9)! Shincheonji Online Seminar will 'open and show' Revelation for the first time in history! Chairman Man-Hee Lee, the lecturer on the first day of the seminar, will vividly testify 'The Summary and Conclusion of Revelation' based on Revelation Chapter 1, according to what he has seen and heard.

This will be the first session of this journey receiving the testimony of Revelation. Please taste an essence of Revelation through this dynamic testimony by Chairman Lee who resolutely spans the Book of Revelation and the entire Bible.

Oct. 18th ~ Dec. 27th, Every Mon & Thur 10:00 AM (GMT +9)

Shincheonji Official Youtube Channel Live (Replay Available)


  1. This news is a true beacon of hope during these times of uncertainty and confusion. A staggering 36,000 people, including more than 2000 pastors, attended Shincheonji Church of Jesus’ series of Online Bible Seminars in August and September 2021, and thousands have applied for their follow-up Bible course to study the entire Bible in-depth, from Genesis to Revelation, without cost. This is nothing short of a miracle. I will definitely be tuning into their explanation of the Book of Revelation😃❤️


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