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Shincheonji Church's Quotes of Life, We must have an absolute faith.

Shincheonji Church's Quotes of Life, 

* We must have an absolute faith. As you carry out your life of faith, you must have 100% faith.
우리는 믿음을 가져야 된다. 기왕 믿을 바에는 100% 믿어야 하는 것이다. 

* If you only think about your own worries and difficulties, you will not be able to accomplish anything. When you do God's work, you must have the mindset and attitude that it is either "life or death."
내 자신이 괴롭고 어려운 것만을 생각하면 아무 일도 못한다. '죽으면 죽으리라.'는 각오로 하나님의 일을 해야 한다. 

* We must always think about God's work while we are walking, thinking, or whatever we may be doing. No matter how busy we are, doesn't God need to dwell in us? Only then can we become God's people and this proves that God is in us. God will surely protect these kind of people.
우리는 걸음마다 생각마다 언제 어떤 중에서라도 하나님의 일에 대해서 생각해야 한다. 아무리 바쁘고 바빠도 하나님만은 항시 함께해야 하지 않겠는가? 그래야 하나님의 사람이고, 하나님이 내 안에 있다는 증거이고, 그런 사람을 하나님께서 보호해 주실 것이다. 

* Jesus told us not to worry about what to eat and drink (Mt 6:31~33). Let us not carry out a life of faith superficially, thinking about meaningless matters. Instead, 'you need to give yourself wholeheartedly to God so that God acknowledges you.'
먹고 사는 것 가지고 염려하지 말라고 하셨다(마 6:31~33). 허황된 생각을 가지고 신앙하는 체하는 것이 아니라, '내 마음을 하나님 앞에 드려야 하나님의 마음에 나를 담아주시지 않겠는가'를 생각하는 신앙을 가져야 한다. 


  1. These are amazing words shared by the promised pastor. Thank you for sharing them.

  2. Absolute faith requires us to be blind to all nay-sayers. Even though they may be right, we must know only as we have been taught by our leaders. We cannot allow doubts to creep in to our thinking, they are a distraction from the Word. We must be the sheep, and allow the shepherds to guide us along the correct path that they choose for us.


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